Dead Person and Burning House (Dream)

Good Morning WP friends,

I had a good night sleep last evening after burning 500 calories; I took a bath and started massaging my burning legs. I have to trim more weight before the day I waited for a year (my vacation). I’m so excited to see my kids, my wife, my parents and my siblings with my new nieces. Oh boy, I am starting to count the days like a little boy waiting for Christmas to come.

Last night, I dreamed of a dead person who is so close to me and a burning house in a place where I spent my childhood days. My dream goes like this; a group of mothers having some conversation outside of the street and as I heard it right, they talking about the upper room of the house in one of the neighborhood. They saw a white smoke and people are starting to gathered in front of that house. Suddenly, a smoke starts to become more visible and thick and then a big fire spreading in upper room. I stepped back and tried to look closely to the man who’s so familiar to me who wanted to stop the fire, and I wanted to help him so I run to fetch him a pail of water. Definitely I’m running so fast on my dream and I noticed the water on the pail which I’m carrying is not spilling to think I’m running and then I jump so high just to give him the water (just imagine Michael Jordan dunked on NBA game, the scene are close to that) The fire is so big but I remembered 1 pail of water stopped the fire. I don’t know what it means, the dream was so creepy and that person died I think more than five (5) years and the house I’m talking about, I never been there since I started my own family which was 11 years ago.

Any interpretation?

Have a nice day


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6 Responses to Dead Person and Burning House (Dream)

  1. sheenmeem says:

    As Muslims when we see a bad dream we say, “There is no power only God who can keep us safe from harm.” There is a belief too if you see a bad dream don’t tell anyone and give something in God’s name in charity. You can give food or money. Anyway I know your belief is different. Hope you enjoy your vacation.

    • Villanueva says:

      Really! That’s very informative now I know how muslim brothers and sisters treated their bad dreams, thanks for the information. The dream I had last night was not a bad dream for me, I just found it very odd 🙂 Thanks Sheenmeem

  2. Wow, that is quite a dream–I wonder if you always dream so detailed, as mine usually are, though I rarely can interpret them either. Too bad Joseph isn’t around, eh?? Sleep well tonight, Nephew–I’ll try to get your pudding recipe up soon! God bless you abundantly with His favor–much love, Tita Caddo

    • Villanueva says:

      That dream was really a weird one and I really tried to not to forget it because I wanted to post it in my blog and I did hoping somebody can help me to interpret it, if they can 😀 Thank you Tita 😀 God bless you too and your family as well.

  3. Dreams are really about how you perceive them. Everything in our dreams are symbols and only we can have the ability to dissect the dream, analyze, and make sense of it when our heart makes a connection with what the dreams are trying to tell us. Messages are left but only if we are perceptive can we understand them. It is good to get others input but the only input that matters the most is how we interpret the dreams ourselves and what we make of them.

    • Villanueva says:

      Good morning Sara-Loretta, I really appreciated you’ve read and you spent your time giving me some of your thoughts about my dream. I realized that the dream that I had encountered a days ago was not really for me after all, its for my friend since the dead person I’m talking about was her father and maybe the “burning house” symbolized a relationship which is about to ruin and the “pail of water” which I fetched to her father is all about the advices I can give it to her to save her family, hmm.. maybe. I’m glad you’ve give me an Idea after lunch I send some email to my friend she’s in Qatar right now. Thanks Sara.

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