I reminded them (my kids)

Good Morning WP Friends,

How’s your day yesterday? I had a good day-off yesterday, I spent it chatting with my family but I never forget to burned some calories and I done it in the morning, guess how many calories I burned? 600 calories, and the day before yesterday I burned 800 calories, what do you think? I’m so serious to lose more weight before my annual vacation, I know once I spend my time with my family in the Philippines, I will eat a lot and that’s for sure. You know, sometimes our kids cannot eat all the food on their plates and it ended throwing up in the garbage, but for me since I grew up in a poor family, I am forced to eat it, obviously I hate wasting food.

When I’m at home with my kids, I always reminding them don’t waste food or any blessing which they have had in their hands or in front of them, always think of the children who were deprived of these kinds of blessings which my kids had. I even told and let them watched how many children in the Philippines begged for some alms for their foods on the streets of Manila. On their early age, they understand what I wanted to show them but since they are still kids, I have to remind them again and again, to the point that my teaching became very annoying.

Soon, they will realized how blessed they are and the value of blessings.

Have a nice day 😀


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20 Responses to I reminded them (my kids)

  1. berlioz1935 says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is always a pleasure to hear from another person from somewhere else of our beautiful Earth.

    I read with interest your entry of today.I fully understand your sentiments regarding food. When I was young I too was eating everything on my plate. This happened for the simple reason we did not always have enough and sometimes did nor know when we would have the next meal.

    When we had children of our own and saw that they would waste food, we started to give them smaller portions with the proviso that they could get more when they ate all that was on their plate. That worked wonderful and we had never trouble with them many more.

    I’m reading with interest that you were burning calories. Are you running? I still do some running every second day. I used to run long distances , including marathons, but not any more.

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Berlioz1935, just like you, I read your words with interest and while reading it, it flashes all the memories which I experienced during my childhood days. God knows those memories are still fresh in my mind, but I learned a lot from those and I don’t want that “things” to happened to my kids/family. Here in the Philippines not all kids have a decent meals like my kids do have and other fortunate kids, I think maybe 4 out 10 kids can afford to have 5 meals a days (including snacks). I always prayed that my kids will always appreciate the blessings that they had right now and to be a economically frugal if that’s the word to use 😉 Yes, I’m running everyday but only in the gym or in threadmill. I loved to run in marathon but I never have a change because of my work condition. Thanks again Berlioz1935 for dropping by. Have a nice day.

  2. whyamisojaded says:

    Very nice. Just like my mom 🙂

  3. Good morning, Nephew! I’m glad you had a good day off–and congratulations on exercising to manage your weight; you are very disciplined! God bless you and your family so abundantly–love, Tita Caddo

  4. aVe says:

    I love your blog and I have nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the link.

  5. spencercourt says:

    Enjoy your trip back to the Philippines!

    I sure do miss all the food, especially the bibingka, (particularly the “sticky rice” version from the north with the brown sugar topping which my lola brought when she visited from Dagupan), puto, suman, ginataan, and the fruits such as nangka, santol, cineguela, etc. And sampaloc.

    When I went back for the first time in ’95, I gained many pounds eating the many foods I had not had since leaving in ’70. Now, I can get many of the foods in Vegas but not the fruits.


    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Spencercourt,

      I’m still counting days for that day to come 🙂 Wow, you really had a fun memories in the Philippines and you still remembered all the local foods and fruits as well. I just hope you can visit the Philippines again and for sure those places are still the same as ever, hmm..with a little bit progress I think and I hope. Mabuhay! By the way, I loved eating bibingka, you can have it in ordinary days and you don’t need to wait for Christmas season 😉

  6. Hi Nephew! I posted the Coconut Pudding recipe on my other blog, if you’d like to visit over there:
    The post is “Tita Caddo’s Coconut Pudding”.
    We’re not allowed to post recipes from “Recipe Sites”, apparently (a friend got into serious trouble for this), so I was afraid to link to the specific recipe I adapted, just linked the site. I hope my post entertains you, even if you don’t “experiment” with my silly recipe!! God bless you Lots! love, Tita Caddo (PS: I’ll put you on my Reader over at Last Moon Road, so I can visit your posts, regardless which blog I’m working from!)

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Tita, I already visited the blog you’re talking about and the pudding its wow ‘very neat and looks definitely delicious’ I’ll let my friend here in my work to help me to bake this pudding, he knows how to make it very good just like what you’ve baked. Thank you thank you Tita 😀 I really appreciated your kindness. God bless you and love lots.


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