Stories of Faith

When I watched these stories of faith, I was really moved and makes me cried. Having a children of your own bring joy in our lives but If your faith puts into test, as parent, what will we do or how long can we hold on our faith? Please watch the video most especially the last part, click the link below.

Stories of Faith

Have a nice day and happy weekend everyone.

Just in case the above link’s not working, please use the below link. Thank you.


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6 Responses to Stories of Faith

  1. NOAEfame says:

    Hi, I will love to watch the video if you can reload it again, it reads server not found, Just you know .

  2. You have a blessed weekend too–God loves you and so does this Sis!

  3. bagotilyo says:

    Godbless 🙂

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