Sweet Dreams

Sweet love conversations before going to bed,
Anticipating sweet dreams will play in my head,
Moonlight added to my wonderful feeling.
Sipping hot chocolate before sleeping,

Hugging and kissing my pillow, so tightly
Resting my body on bed, so peacefully,
Listening to crickets’ sound that evening,
Moth knocking my window saying ‘sweet dream’.

Grinning faces and loveable words playing in my brain,
Like a mellow sound of a midnight train
Wind lashing leaves of a century trees,
Soothing cool air embracing my body down to my knees.

About to close my sleepy eyes,
I forget to put the soft pillow between my thighs,
And I ask myself there’s no room to *sigh*
Just go to sleep, no more asking ‘why’

Have a nice day 😀


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11 Responses to Sweet Dreams

  1. Bee says:

    very nice

  2. i want sweet dreams also. 🙂 puts a nice smile on my face when i wake up.

    • Villanueva says:

      have a sweet dream, just think of the blessings you have it right now, ignore those patient or annoying doctor you have had in your hospital. Thanks for dropping by 😀

      • you’re right. as much as possible, i strive to be positive and cheerful. i try to cast all my worries and burdens aside before going to sleep. it’s more fun to sleep with a light heart. thank you also for always taking the time to visit my blog. be blessed!

  3. semprevento says:

    ….. but how much sweetness!!!!!!

  4. Faites de beaux reves! (sweet dreams) Thanks, too, for visiting my blog.

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