Chew It (Short Story less than 150 words)

Rolly received text message from his wife, informing to go home as early as he can.

His wife cooked his favorite food and wearing the dress he purchased from Paris.

He fetched a bouquet red rose to surprise his wife, and when he opened the door knob,

he noticed drops of blood on the floor, he traced it and found his wife bathed in her own blood.

He curled his body to his wife and cry out loud. He panicked when he noticed his wife still breathing.

His wife whispering something to him and when he understand what’s his wife telling him, it’s too late.

He was stabbed on his nape and blood spilled on the floor. He’s chocking to death and his wife tried to help her.

She gave a glass of water and said “careful, you have to chew the beef first before you swallow”


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15 Responses to Chew It (Short Story less than 150 words)

  1. oh! well written & frightening because of confusion! a scary story, is that what you wanted? yet powerful

    • Villanueva says:

      At first, it was scary but at the end, he realized that he created a scenery out of his excitement from the favorite food prepared by his wife. He’s thinking of after being happy and excited maybe something wrong will happened.

  2. doc2bberry says:

    My dear, that was spectacular!!!! Poetically styled wonderful short story! Awesome!

  3. Cool format and story.

  4. Ar Vhee says:

    Magaling Cris =)
    nakakatakot sa first to mid lines..

  5. It made me want MORE!

  6. AnElephant is not too smart, and the last line confused him completely.
    But good to that point!

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