Wind and Sand (Sandstorm)

Now you’re mad and you’re whistling so bad,
I can hear you so loud and I’m not so glad.
You keep lashing on my cabin room,
And you’re adding to my personal gloom.

You can whistle as long as you can,
But can you please don’t bring your sand?
I always like you when you’re calm,
I even wanted you passing-by on my palm.

But today and past few days, your mood’s changing,
I hope you’re not sad because summer is coming.
That’s okay, winter kisses you goodbye,
And you had a lots of sweet memories and tons of ‘Hi’

You know how much I waited for summer,
So, I can go out and swim and it’s more merrier.
Unlike in winter, I have to wear more than three clothes,
And even wearing the annoying pair of hand gloves.

Common wind, we must enjoy and have some fun,
Tell to sand remained on ground: no need to run.
Building castles near the beach,
Life is beautiful no need to be rich.

© Have a nice day 🙂


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15 Responses to Wind and Sand (Sandstorm)

  1. Must be Saudi sands, and not a Manilla sandstorm. (;

  2. Love this, especially the second stanza. 🙂

  3. Estong says:

    This one’s cute. I visualize you writing this while watching the sandstorm. Haha. Oh, btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. You got some nice stuff here.

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