Beauty of Morning

Before I open my eyes, I heard the birds singing,
I prayed and thanks God for another set of morning.
I smiled and prepared my things while I’m yawning,
I don’t want to be late, my alarm keep on ringing.

When I went outside and the sunlight poked me
Seems he’s happy and busy as a bee.
I said “good morning my friend”
You’re in a good mood and not hard to comprehend,
And he sent his joy I can feel it in my hand.

And there’s the wind, whispering on my ears,
He’s jealous and almost shed his tears,
I told him “stop whining, I’m a friend, so, no fear”
Let’s enjoy the day and help me spread the cheer.

Then I stopped and saw the flowers in my path
They continuous to grow and not fit for one pot.
I don’t know what to say aside from “thanks a lot”
Just continue to grow and spread your offspring on my lot.

And I said to myself “If nature fetched me a beautiful morning”
What surprises awaits me in the evening?
Should I complain for a beautiful morning?
Nah, I should thanks God for His morning blessing 😉

(c) Have a nice day (my 3rd poem)


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22 Responses to Beauty of Morning

  1. A lovely poem – I am a morning person too!

  2. Couldn’t agree more! LERVE ET

  3. carmenw503 says:

    I love your poem. Gave me a big grin 🙂

  4. stevehi says:

    Beautiful writing

  5. jadereyner says:

    Lovely poem. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your work. 🙂

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  7. Megha Patel says:

    Love. Love. Love!

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  9. Alex says:

    Beautiful words. Stop and think and thanks for life

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