You Have Always Been Free To Color Life

ImageI came up with this shot, using my mobile phone (N70). I spilled some ink in bond paper and put some of the quote from ” The Cat Painter”

Believe it or Not, this picture was another sample  of my  imagination during my dull time. That day I received some forwarded email from my colleague about the story of “The Cat Painter” by Becky Bravo and Mark Salvatus, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story but if not, allow me to share some of the highlights of it.

One day in heaven, all the angels of God was  busy painting His creation from the flowers, plants, ocean, insects and including the rainbow. Each angels were assigned to paint His creation according to their height and their age.

All the big and old angels should paint the biggest animals while small angels which we called in Filipino as “querubin” are assigned to paint all the small animals like cats. So, all the little angels are having fun painting their cat, their leader always reminding them to please follow the rule, to use one color per cat. But there’s one “querubin” who wanted to be different from the other angel or he wanted to be unique, in short. He uses his imagination, he started painting the cat using black and white color, that’s one, and then again he painted another cat using orange and white color.

He’s having so much fun doing his things, suddenly, their leader noticed his creation, the leader got mad at him and they went to God to report the subordination of one of his angel and presented the cat which he colored.

Guess what happened next?

Well, here’s what God said ” You have always been free to color my creatures in ways other than how were taught by those who came before you. Many ages have I waited for change such as this young Angel has made”

I’m sorry I’m not a good storyteller but I believe that’s how the story goes.

Good Day to all, BTW if you want to read the whole story for your kids, just browse it in the internet I’m sure you’re a better storyteller than me 🙂

To cut my story short, I just want to share what I understand in this story, each one of us was created with talents and uniqueness, we must use it and don’t waste it. We must also see the real meaning of all His creations.

How about you? How did you understand the story?


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8 Responses to You Have Always Been Free To Color Life

  1. Hi Villanueva, I like that story. I wish the world could capture some undertones it carries. In life, we have the colour in between black and white. Our world does not appreciate being grey. They want everyone to be either black or white. Thanks for sharing dear.

    • Villanueva says:

      welcome and thanks for dropping by 🙂
      Hi, can you please enlighten me about what you said that people don’t appreciate being grey,
      if your talking about being old, well I do, I have high respect to grey people.
      I usually listen to them specially if I need advise and most of my friend here in my place are grey people
      and they talked with sense and experienced. Good day 🙂

      • Great! Thats another way of looking at it dear. By using Grey, I mean that people do not appreciate difference. Rather than accept something or someone different from us in religion, colour, age, size, class and so on, people tend to look for reason to exclude them. So appreciating elderly people is good but each of us need to look beyond and find areas we exclude people because of their difference and re-access our mind sight. That is what I can understand from the rejection of the angel who mixed colours in your story.:)))

      • Villanueva says:

        Thank you so much for spending your time to explain your side, and how you understand the story. Most of the time I need some people like you to help me to understand the other side of the fence. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

      • Thank you Villanueva, I enjoyed the innocence in your story… I will keep reading.

      • Villanueva says:

        same here and bless you 🙂

  2. feralc4t says:

    Excellent, and it is about cats too 😀

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