I Miss Your Love Notes, My Sweet Little Girl

CaptureI’ve been collecting all your love notes/drawings from the day you started writing; I understand how you missed me so much and same as here. Every time I feel gloomy and isolated, your love notes make me happy, how I wish your sweetness and thoughtfulness will remain the same forever. You pushed your imagination to sketch our family, from your grandma, your brothers, your mom with her dangling earrings, to me and you. I noticed one of your drawing, all your eyes were looking at me and smiling at the same time, God knows what I felt when I understood your feeling that time.

I’m so sorry I have to work a thousand miles away from home, I have to do this not for my own sake but to all you, my little precious. I love reading your love notes, and I sense how you want me to comfort you during the days you’re longing for me, I wish I can do that all the time.

I remembered the first time I saw you; you’re so small, so fragile and so helpless. I wanted to carry you and put you in my arm but I’m so scared because you’re so soft. Your mother and I can’t explain our feelings the day you came to this world, she even cried, we know, we done something harm to you but God didn’t allowed it to happen, if you can only hear our prayers you will understand why, my little girl.

The last time we spoke together if you remember, I asked you about your sweet love notes and you’ve told you me you don’t have it right now, I guess your ‘tab’ replaced me for a while, I hope not. I would like to see you growing as same as we did when your mother and I was used to be kid like you. We have fun playing outside with our playmates; we even played hide and seek under the full moon, playing football while raining, tug of war and a lot more, specially ‘Pilipino games’. Those old days were gone, nowadays, children like you don’t want to mingle with other kids, they spent most of their time in front of their computers, tabs, mobiles and other modern gadgets, I hated being paranoid about the disadvantage effect of technology in your childhood.

Use the gadget that you have, for your education, understanding and learning things that you don’t usually see. Explore and use it to outgrow your imagination, maximize the use of it on research like the Asian Ancient Civilization, stories about your favorite fairy tales, life of animals, so you can understand why our dog ‘chucky’ always bark. And lastly, you have to control yourself on using the technology, if you don’t want to get fat or obese. Playing is more fun, if you’re playing with real kids and you’re healthy as well.

Don’t always play ‘Angry Bird’, it makes no sense, you’re angry without any reason or stop playing ‘Temple Run’ just a waste of time running so fast because of stealing some ancient cursed treasure, please. I used to play fighting rabbit in ‘game & watch’ and it really pisses me off after knocking all the crows, your grandma yelled and angry with me because I forgot that I have to go to the convenience store to buy her a soy sauce.

For the finale, I gave you my tab to read more messages from you, not to hear about how you beat the pigs of Angry Bird or surpass the next level of your favorite game. I miss the old days where the time is so slow 😉


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10 Responses to I Miss Your Love Notes, My Sweet Little Girl

  1. redserpent42 says:

    sweet. Love of a dad. Yes, it is a poor and sad thing that Pinoy kids nowadays almost forgot those silly but funny games we used to play when we were youngers. in my opinion, our childhood is even greater than the kids’ childhood today.

  2. Sangeeta says:

    Very touching….I could feel my eyes well up.

  3. Dera Luce says:

    I’m glad you visited my blog because it led me to this lovely display of fatherly love. Very nice (:

    • Villanueva says:

      Thank you also for stopping by in my blog, I read your recent article and it reminded me of my childhood days 🙂 I’m looking forward for you updates.

  4. douryeh says:

    Universal & recognizable!

  5. melanietoulouse says:

    You did touch my heart… I’m a mama of 2 “old babies” and I do understand your heartfelt feelings. Stay healthy and good luck! My very best…

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