And who said there’s no raining in Saudi Arabia?

Rain In Saudi Arabia

When I heard the rain dancing on my rooftop I cannot help myself not to smile and I felt she’s teasing me to dance with her. I’m familiar with her tune but I prepared to listen her inside my room. She’s good in soaking the desert sand and I even felt her cold breezing presence, how I wish I can dance with her. I remembered the last time I joined with her, she gave me a flu, I thought my body can handle her presence but I’m wronged. When I heard my wife and my children dancing with her, I got nervous, she (rain) shouldn’t be there in the first place, that’s not her time. She’s so stubborn and cannot be controlled, the last time I heard her dancing in my place (middle east) she took 12 lives. I used to like her but she’s unpredictable nowadays, I know she will be our frequent visitor in the next few months in the Philippines, I just hope this time she’s tame, and should promise not to take any lives again nor destroy any property.

I’m so happy watching her  specially when she’s knocking my window while I’m sipping my coffee in the morning and I’m with my kids, she’s so sweet and always bring romance in the air when I’m with my wife. I always knew she’s a good friend and God natural gift, every where she goes she brings life but one thing I don’t like her when she’s accompany with her boyfriend. When they both together they bring catastrophe, chaos and madness, nobody can stop their ways. They even caught the international attention during their last visit a few months ago in the Philippines and even took 1500 lives, I wish I didn’t know you. Here you are again with your boyfriend, you both threatening the 8.5 million lives in Bangladesh and some part of Sri-Lanka, I know, we hurt your feelings and we wounded you. We abuses your mother who gave all the things that we have had right now, sorry for that, I know sorry will not bring back the glory days of your mother but be merciful to us most especially to the kids, we needed you but take it easy.

Oh, I miss you so much friend specially when you are happy and calm, I know you love us to dance with you but not today, we will not dance with you and with your friend.

By the way, the last time I’ve checked, you was not here (Saudi Arabia) when summer kisses his goodbye for a while, what happen?

(The above picture was shot outside of my room during transition of weather  in Saudi Arabia from summer to winter back two (2) years ago)


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8 Responses to And who said there’s no raining in Saudi Arabia?

  1. redserpent42 says:

    uy, kababayan! Hindi ko ine-expect na may magiging follower/ipa-follow akong pinoy. 🙂 hindi ko alam kung panu mag-message kaya comment na lang. haha. oo, malapit na nga ang tag-ulan, bahaan na naman! Tss.

    • Villanueva says:

      hahaha marami na rin mga pinoy na nagbablog kasi medyo boring na FB eh at just like you eh mga frustated writer karamihan sa atin at gustong magkuwento, nabasa ko nga kuwento mo eh tuloy mo lang bro…ako rin nagsisimula pa lang eh medyo nililinis ko pa mga grammar ko hehehe 🙂 ingat diyan

      • redserpent42 says:

        haha. oo, kakasawa na ang fb eh. blog naman. thank you. buti nga di bumabaha dyan sa saudi eh, unlike dito sa ‘tin. btw, san ka sa pinas?

      • Villanueva says:

        Sa Cavite bro 🙂 yung ibang part ng Saudi binabaha din dahil walang drainage dito kaya pagnagpalit ng panahon at umulan eh ang tubig parang inland tsunami. May mga video ng baha sa Saudi tignan mo sa youtube. Thanks for the message

      • redserpent42 says:

        layo dito sa bulacan. hahaha. pero maganda dun eh. trip ko ngang tumira dun pag mayaman na ko. teka, 19 lang ako at older ka sa ‘kin pero ‘di ako nangungupo. 😛

      • Villanueva says:

        that’s okay man 😉 thanks again keep on sharing your stories 😉

  2. Thank you! To be ‘liked’ by a kababayan is doubly pleasing 🙂

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