Happy Birthday Son

In your own little ways, you taught us how to live and survive in this world. Maybe you’re too young to understand but I learned and experienced so many things that indeed helped me to be more responsible, believe and dream not for myself but for you and to your siblings. As you know, your mother and I was married in early 20’s of our age, no work and not prepared in all things. We’re so impulsive during that time, we thought we knew all the things since your mom and I finished our college degree, but things didn’t run so smoothly, it was a completely chaotic, disorganized and mismanaged.

We undergo experiences that we never expected and couldn’t imagine, as if the world’s tremble around us.

So many sleepless nights and restless days I had and your mother, I gave too much pain, doubt and worries to all the people that so important to us, we even thought at first we failed them, but you know what? When you came to world, you fetched us a new hope, peace and lights as well strength. When you smiled to us during our roughly days, I forgot the burden that we been experiencing, when there’s a times I don’t know what to do, you never forget to laugh so loud as if you know how to comfort me and your mother.

I will never forget you son and you will always be my baby boy. Now that you are 11 year-old, be a big brother to your siblings, and be responsible all the time in your own little ways. I love you son.


Post Birthday message to my son B.L.L. Villanueva


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