HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY in Philippines ‘Maligayang Araw ng mga Ina’


Allow me share some short stories about the women whom I adored for so long. First, my first best friend in the world, this woman teaches me how to read, write and stand on my own at the early age, without her probably I’m not here in the world. She teaches me to depend on my own strength and intelligence, she opened my mind how fortunate I’m to see the reality of life. A life of full of sorrow, pain, struggles, love and faith. If you’re a follower of my blog you know what I mean it’s all there in my previous stories ‘Life of Pe’. I’m so blessed to have my mother on my side during of my early years although  we both struggles too many pain and misfortunes but we both learned a lot of things and we both appreciated those precious memories. I love my mother with all of my heart and now you’re a grandmother to my children I will tell them how you raise your boy, their father. I remembered during my kinder days, it was a valentine day and I have a project,  my mother helped me to scissor a heart shape out of pizza cartoon and we started shading it using red ballpen; that was my first bonding with my mom, If I remembered it right I was 5 year-old that time. Every vacation, I’ll make it sure that I will visit her in Tondo, Philippines and the last vacation I had, I invited her in my house and she stayed for a couple of days. You know what? she ate a lot and sleep a lot, and I told her to drink hot water with cinnamon powder which is good for her digestion although the smell is different but since she believes me she drink it 😉 that’s my mom!

Secondly,  to the other woman whom I respected most, I rarely seen a mother who possess a score of 8 out of 10, yes, not because she’s my in-law, really, she deserve to be ‘8’. Next time I’ll tell you why but right now I have to finish describing all the woman I know but I will make it short . Without my mother-in-law I will never meet my wife. Thank you mama. In addition, my mother in law is like a super mom to me, she wake up at 4:00 am just to finish all the household chores, helping my wife taking care of my kids and she have this mini garden in our backyard, I’ll tell you she’s has a magic hand and third eye as well. Hmpp.

Of course, I will never forget the mother of my children who’s always there to pamper, to understand and to love my kids although there’s a time my kids bring so much headache to her. To my wife I’m so blessed to have you as the mother of my children and my wife. When we get older I will tell to our grandchildren how you raises our kids (their parents). I will tell them know how you get so nervous every time our kids (their parents) got sick, bitten by our dogs, got chicken fox etc. Don’t worry I will not make a messy story to our grandchildren. You’re so precious to me and to our children, words are not enough to describe how much I appreciated you as my wife and as a mother to my kids. Love you babe 🙂 And you know what? I learned how to listen first before I react to avoid misunderstand, it really helps a lot. You are also a super mom to me and you’re 9 out of 10 😉 almost perfect to me.

To all the mothers out there from my wife, mother, mother-in-law, sisters, friend and godmother. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

To all the fathers, as Mr. Theodore Hesburgh said “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother” and he’s right.



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11 Responses to HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY in Philippines ‘Maligayang Araw ng mga Ina’

  1. qiquan says:

    Yes, my mom is the most important woman of my life.

  2. hugmamma says:

    A beautiful testimonial to the women in your life. Seems they’re also very lucky to have you in theirs. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the follow, teaching me about your family and friends…

  4. Thanks for visiting, liking and following my blog. This is a sincere, heartfelt tribute to the women in your life. Thanks, Brad

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