Spending my Day-off in Saudi Arabia

Believe it or not, there’s a lot haven places in Saudi Arabia to spend your day-off, one of these places is Baher Resort located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. If you don’t have a car, you can ride a taxi cab for only 30 riyals ($8)/one way and 50 riyals ($13) for the entrance fee. Many foreign workers usually spend their time here and during weekend, I tell you, this place is very crowded. I suggest if you want to enjoy the place, you need to be there early in the morning of Friday. Baher Resort offers four swimming pools and beach in the front; if you’re into scuba diving. I haven’t try scuba diving and I’m not a good swimmer. I just hope the owner of this place will maintained the cleanliness of the beach and surrounding as well. Oh I forgot to tell you, to really enjoy the place don’t do any nasty things that against the law of Saudi Arabia like bringing alcohol or “illegal dating”. Read their cultures and respect it to avoid any untoward incident like putting yourself behind bar which of course you don’t want to happen or experience during your stay in Saudi Arabia. Aside from Baher Resort , you can also rent a private resort in nearby area they usually called the place as “Estihara” in Arabic, if you’re colleague can afford to pay $200 which is not a big bucks and you’re group is more than 10 members just divide the price. I’m sure it’s nothing compare to the enjoyment that you will experience.

with me at Baher (23)

And if you like listening and watching a choir/a group of singer, definitely Saudi Arabia is one of the places you’re looking for. I used to be in a choir named ‘Saring Himig’, an all-male acapella group singing in one harmony and they are all expats from the Philippines working in Saudi Arabia. Saring Himig or SH in short competes in many choir competitions not only in the kingdom but in some part of Europe as well like Riva, Italy and Germany. Later, I will tell you about their recent activities and concert if they have, and you must watch for it. I’m very sure you will like it but make sure you’re in living Dammam, Saudi Arabia to make it clear.


You can also try motor biking in the sand for only 50 riyals ($13) for one hour. Sorry I don’t have picture cause I haven’t try it. Next time I will, promise.

Or you can spend your day-off in your room while watching the pouring rain just like me. I’m sure you will miss the rain once you decided to work here in Saudi Arabia.  %&@! I lost the picture, sorry!


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