A Treasured Vacation (Puerto Gallera/Tagaytay and Binan Wet Market, Philippines)


Every time I look at this picture with my wife shot in Tamaraw falls in Puerto Galera, It reminded me of how fortunate I’m to visit one of the best site here in my country, Philippines. I guess seeing green environment and clean water falls makes me feel relax and at peace. There’s a lot of beautiful places here in my country that I need to visit but since my time is limited I should spend more of it with my kids and my wife. Puerto Galera was known for poor man beach in the Philippines; the place is really great and less expensive. You only need to have at least $50-$100 to spend to enjoy the white beach sand of Galera and if you want more adventure well you have to add a little more of your dollars. Puerto Galera offers a lots of site to visit and diving site as well. You can google the place if you want to know more about it, just type Puerto Galera 🙂 By the way, it was a date when we went to Puerto Galera, just me and my wife for three days and two night. It was really fun and memorable, we even experienced riding in a kuliglig pulled by Carabao and we also went to other falls in the area but it was hard because during that time it’s raining, we have to cross the river and it’s not easy, you know how unsafe to cross  the river while it’s raining but anyway since we want to see the hidden falls, no rain can stop us. 🙂


well, this one was shot in Tagaytay not so far from Puerto Galera, and there are my kids ridding with their horses rented for only $2 for 1 hour. My kids really enjoyed riding that horses and they forgot me that day. To be honest, I enjoyed watching them and curious how will they lead the horse on their way if the owner left them. My kids can handle it I know…I hope so 🙂

Every year I’m entitled to have at least 32 days vacation; 4 days for travel time and the rest are mine and as I said I have to spend it wisely. Most of that time, I’m with my kids and my wife strolling in the malls and places wherein we can have fun and make it memorable. I also used to visit my parent and siblings to see them if their good and sometimes I meet with my friends accompanied by my wife and my kids, of course I have to be consistent right? To summarize it all I don’t have dull moments with my family even though last vacation, I spent my short vacation leave in wet market with my wife as shown below.


see I told you my vacation was memorable 🙂


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6 Responses to A Treasured Vacation (Puerto Gallera/Tagaytay and Binan Wet Market, Philippines)

  1. Alexalex says:

    What beautiful scenery and such a happy picture of your wife standing at the falls, Your children look so happy, You are blessed. Treasure your memories.

    • Villanueva says:

      thanks for dropping by and maybe you can see the falls personally, my country Philippines offers so much beautiful scenery. Try google Philippines.
      have a nice day 🙂

  2. Looks like everyone was enjoying the vacation! Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

  3. spencercourt says:

    I lived in the PI from birth (1951) until 1970, long before many places became developed for “tourists.” One of my favorite beach excursions was to go to Batangas with my pares and pay a banca to take us to one of the many white sand cove beaches. No land route. We told the banca to come back in a few days and we spent the night on the beach in tents and ate canned foods. When it got dark, we were the only ones there and we built a fire from gathering wood from the jungle in back of us. Now, you have places like Borocay, which are very nice but you have to pay a lot.

    80 pesos a kilo? Damn that fish is cheap….! About a dollar a pound, assuming peso is still about 40-1. It was four to one when I lived there. No fish in the US for $1 a pound…

  4. Villanueva says:

    So cheap right and mind you those tilapia are alive. From your description you seems you have a lot fun and memorable memories in the Philippines, I hope you can come back and visit the old places you once knew. Batangas maintained some of it’s natural beauty and those places you’re talking about and the way you traveled I think was still there. Perhaps you can also visit Awangin Zambales, the place is so good for bonfire and camping, no hotels and the only way to go there is through banka. Have a good day 😉

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