Game of Thrones and Walking Dead in real life

I don’t want to imagine what if the series of Walking Dead will happen in real life, it will be a total chaos in whole humanity. Imagine in today’s population we are presently 7 billion humans and if the virus is airborne and it travel so fast and it will reach the 7 continents of the world in a days or weeks and it will infect us all. How about if the virus also infect not only the human lives but the animal kingdoms as well? You’re not only running to save your life because of the walkers/biters (zombies as they called it in walking dead) but you’re also running fast because you’ve been chasing by rats, cheetah, lion, crocs and all the dead insects who came to life after death. That will be so weird and creepy, we never know maybe it will happen in the future; you know human imagination and curiosities. I remembered watching some episode of Discovery Science about ‘Modern Prophecy of Science’ they featured about the fictional story written by Mary Shelley ‘Frankenstein’. The story discussed about how the book of Mary Shelley helps the modern science, it’s not about the monster she imagined in her book but it’s about the organ transplant which are happening right now in our time such as heart, eye, kidney transplant and many more. See how man’s curiosities help us to grow and survive up to now. So, we really never know what if one day a “mad scientist” will create a very disastrous virus that will kill some lives in the world due of overpopulation and scarcity of all our basic needs as human. Our Earth is not unlimited just like calls and text even the unlimited promo only last after a couple of days, right?

How about the Game of Thrones? The story tackles about how the kings, lords, and their councils even their wives handles their respective kingdoms. Although the story is fictional like having the dragon, magic and the white walkers but the scenario of having a traitors in the communities, families, and management are indeed realistic. It happens in our recent time most especially in our government; how some of the opportunists jumping off the wagon once they sense that there losing their influence and personal interest in the government. In the story of Game of Thrones being novel or being honest are not the only characteristics you must have, you should be smart and firm in all your decisions; it also shows that having a soft heart will not work or applicable if you’re a leader and no matter how the person is close to your family, you must to find a way how to persecute and apply the law. Law is law and it must be implemented otherwise your people will doubt your reigning. Of course that’s depend how stubborn you are and if you are Joffrey Baratheon of Game of Thrones although you’re the “king”, the ordinary people don’t love you because of your messy government and doubt about the legality of your proclamation but not all, there are some people who loves you so much not because they trusted you but they needed something from you. One thing that I noticed and I think has a deeper meaning in the story; the involvement of the white walkers. These mythical dead people who once walked in the kingdom and been doormat for long times are arising once again. I described it as the people “spirit of heroism”, in the Philippines if you want to be a hero you must die first or be shot in Luneta just like the [Philippine] National Hero ‘Jose P. Rizal’. Although most of the proclaimed heroes were dead, time after time heroes are rising in every corner of the world, in every country. That’s what I think for the “white walkers” well that’s just my personal opinion.

I admired the character of Tyrion Lannister, the half-size man and was usually called ‘imp’ in the stories but he is a plump not because of his appearance but it’s all about his intelligence on how he understand the situation, how he analyze and solve despite of all the adversities; such a remarkable character that we must applied in our daily lives. Handling hardships in our lives are not easy task sometimes people tend to divert through drugs, alcohol and just escape [suicide] from it but the stains will remained there forever if we will not solve or confront the problem. Problems are meant to solve not to be a doormat forever.


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