Life of Pe – Part III

It was a very happy moment of my life when I finished my bachelor degree in college despite of all the hardships. I’m with my mom that day to attend my graduation day while my father don’t want to go because he knew I invited my mother, I don’t want to ruin my day that day, so I decided to ignore his melodramatic attitude. On the eve of my graduation, my aunt from Canada sends me some money to buy some clothes for my graduation, I’m so happy that night. I can buy whatever I want and I can spend the money just for myself. I went to Tutuban to buy some long-sleeved, ties, pants and shoes to use for my tomorrow’s graduation. I’m so excited that night and I can’t wait for another hours, I wanted to be in the venue right away, yeah I’m a little bit over acting that night. On the same eve of my graduation, my friends and I decided to drop by in Tayuman, in one of my classmate’s house for a pre-graduation celebration, suffer was very good and after that, we go home separately to rest for tomorrow’s special occasion, the graduation day.

Things didn’t run smoothly before I finished college even before high school. I recalled during my 2nd year in high school, the relationship of my mother to my father is starting to fall and the other marital affair was evolving. I need to do something but I don’t know how to start nor idea what to do for the best of the majority. I let their ill-love affair grows despite of the miserable status of my family. One night while my mother’s pedicuring her customer in our house, my father got furious without any reason; he’s starting to hit me, (by the way that time I just turned 13 years old) my mother immediately position herself to shield me from my father and since my father was so drunk, he has this unimaginable strength that no one can stop him. His voice got louder and louder even our neighbor outside can barely hear what’s happening inside our house. My mother instructed me to bring my siblings outside because my father cannot control his furious; I immediately carried my siblings outside and look for a place wherein we can hide and be safe for a while. I saw one of my neighbors talking softly to my father and saying to calm down. I was very nervous that time, I ran as fast as I can and hide together with my younger siblings’ ages 7-5-3. I prayed so loud to God and He can even hear my heart beating so loud and so fast, I prayed not to be seen by my father that night. What a shameful moment for my family we had that time but I’m already immune on that scene. When we used to live in Tondo and before we transferred to Caloocan, my father had a fight with my mother, he (father) aims the knife with force in her (mother) belly and that time she was pregnant. God knows how I wept so loud; one wrong move, I know my mother will die with my brother’s inside her womb. I don’t know if my father is a psychopath that time. My mother is begging my father to let the knife down and stay tranquil. I saw my mother’s crying that night while asking my father what’s wrong, why he’s acting like a lunatic. Every night my mother always reminding me to hide the knife in a safe place where he (father) cannot find it. I don’t know how father found the knife and use it to my mother. After a couple of hours of fighting and begging; my father rest for a while and told us to leave the house. My mother doesn’t want to leave the house that time, she was pregnant and it’s in the middle of the night. I remembered convincing my mother to leave (I was in grade 4 that time) before he (father) changes his mind. So, we ran away and we went to one of my father’s not so close relatives and stay for a night.

As early as we can, we went to the venue, of course, we don’t want to get stuck in traffic. I’m wearing blue long-sleeved with tie and dirty white jean-slack which I bought in Tutuban last night. Together with my mother we had a photographer, my “good” younger brother. Literally, my mother and brother and I was very early, I can even count in my hand how many us was there. I’m so excited that time and I can’t wait to see my classmate and friend. After several picture taking, we was advice to form a line by course and in alphabetical order, as usual, I stayed in the end of line. Time to march, I’m so anxious and excited that time I don’t want to repeat the same embarrassing experience I had during my high school graduation, although I didn’t finish with flying colors but that was my first achievement. By the way, the experience’s I’m talking about during my high school graduation was I tripped and fall during the marching, I saw my mother and my father’s reactions at the balcony; they are not worried about what had happened to me but you know what did I saw from their faces; a sense of joy and proud. That time I want them to be together again as husband and wife, the problems was I don’t know how can I dispatch my stepmother and my step young-father.


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