Have you seen a GHOST?

Here’s my story, I’m not a fan of any ghost and exorcist or horror movies, if somebody invite me to watch a movie (horror) specially my wife that’s the only time I’m going to watch but to watch it alone, Nah. I’m not scared of watching horror unaccompanied but it’s not my nature, really. Now, I want to share some of my encounters with these silhouette “entities”; during my college days my professor in Rizal (I forgot his name) discussing about some verses in the Bible which he relates in one of his lecture, I’m serious and interested in his lecture that time when I noticed some sleeve, a silhouette sleeve passing to one of my classmate’s face. If I remembered it right, the design’s was totally outdated or old fashioned just like in Spanish time. It takes 5 seconds before it disappeared in my eyes and I looked around hoping to see her again but she’s gone. After the class I asked my classmate if she feel something cold or strange, she said nothing and I told her about what I saw during the class and she got scared and that’s predictable. That’s not the only time I saw something creepy “entity” in my life and I don’t know if I have this “3rd eye” as they called it; maybe I have or maybe not or I’m in denial.

The reason why I shared this story is to relate my present encounter with this “entity”; last Friday afternoon dated April 12, 2013, I’m having some petty talk with my younger son thru video chatting when I noticed somebody on his left side watching me, I know he’s watching because he bend his body on the right just to see, I didn’t see his face but I saw his shirt. He’s wearing flesh brown t-shirt and I think he’s a skinny man, that time I don’t remember I see his arms maybe he hide’s it behind his back. I asked my son if who’s with him and he said “no one daddy”, I asked him again “who’s with you, turn your face on your left?” he insisted that he’s alone. His kuya (older brother) is in the kitchen that time washing the dishes while his sister is in the sala (living room) watching TV. To cut the story, I tease my son just forget what I saw that afternoon and to prevent any hysterical from him because my wife was not there that time. You know what, when I noticed that “entity” and he knew that I can see him, he slowly moving backward not by walking but by floating. Next time, If I can see him again, I’ll make it sure I will not ask my son but I will press the ‘print screen’ to present it as evidence, why I didn’t think of that, geez!

Maybe you’re asking me why my story of ghost was always about their dresses not their faces, Chill; actually, I don’t know why I can only see their dresses. But you know what, I have this close encounter with them, I’m with my friend’s house that night playing Farmville on my laptop wearing my reading glass and suddenly I saw someone walking towards the other side of the room, he’s wearing basketball short, sando and his height is around 5’11 and I think he’s Asian. He’s walking so fast that time and I asked my friend “who’s that” and they said what? I told them I saw a guy walking toward the other room. I immediately stand up and went to the room accompanied by my friend hoping to see that person, as expected, he’s gone. I don’t want to think that he’s a ghost but I want to assume that he’s a time traveler, you know why? He’s not floating he’s walking that time like a real human. Hard to explain what I saw but one thing is for sure, we are not alone on this World. How about you what’s your story?


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  1. Nice post. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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