Life of Pe – Part II

As I had said on my previous story I finished my first year in high school with low grades but that’s okay with me. I have to move on and what matters most I learned and I passed. During those year, my family’s residing in Caloocan, a place wherein too many drug addicts and wasted people. Illegal drugs are also rampant in our place as well as thieves; I remembered my family used to own a sari-sari store and every day my mother scolded me for not being keen and concern in her store. Every day, one (1) jar of flattops, curly tops, goya vanished in thin air and we don’t know where it goes. I’m too young to understand the value of our sari-sari store. As usual our store didn’t stay that long it’s a completely waste of time and money for my mother; in the end she decided to close it. Pity on me it’s my fault.

After a month, one man asked my mother’s permission if they can place video games in our house. Of course, they will give her a cut or percentage on their profits. Since my mother is not aware of the consequences she allowed those people, that same day they delivered two (2) video games in our house. It’s was completely disordered every day; kids and adults are playing and shouting every time in our house, our door is always open and you cannot sleep if you want, neither can’t have a privacy that time. That same period, I already had two brothers and two sisters and I’m the only one who’s taking care of them plus the video games. I never thought those video games will ignite another chaos in our family. It started with just one looked; a young guy aged 18 years old frequently playing and stayed in our house for long hours every day. At first I don’t have any idea until one day my mother’s friend decided to take some shot of alcohol and as usual my mother is so drunk and crying that time. I don’t know how to pamper her (okay, I’m idiot that time) I asked her if she want some coffee or hot water to lessen the effect of alcohol but she asked for something and that is to look for this guy (I will not name him) I cannot help myself not to raise my eyebrow that time but since I’m just a kid I just followed her. I admit, I tolerated my mother on her wrong doing but it came to the point that I have to fight her back. I got jealous that time when she brought underwear to that guy, yes, just because of the underwear. I never have any underwear when I was in high school except on my 3rd year and 4th year. I rubbed some cayenne pepper in that underwear and if he wears that, it will make him feel itchy and disturb. I don’t know what happened next, maybe it works or maybe not but one thing is for sure. Relax will get to that.

One day, my mother and I having some conversation and if I remembered it right, she’s very mad at me. I forgot what things she’s complaining about and it really annoyed me so much; I rudely answered my mother by telling her that she’s a disgrace in our family and she should be ashamed of herself. My mother doesn’t know what to do; she was so shocked on the words I’ve said to her and I knew I pissed her, I saw soaring drinking cups in front of me, there’s no poltergeist in our house, it is my mother propelling the drinking cups towards my direction. But you know what? My mother is my best friend that time, she’s my confidant, she always stand on my side, my strength and my protector. I don’t have any friend when we used to live in Caloocan aside from my mother. That’s why I don’t have guts to tell my father what my mother’s doing behind his back because I know how my father will react on that situation. It remained secret on the four (4) corners of our house. That’s how my 2nd year in high school started.

From section 13 in my 1st year I went down to section 14 on my second year; that’s was not bad, really. We have many sections that time in THS and the lowest section was 36. See, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I have this teacher in English who’s so annoying and she asked me on my first week on her class about “where I can find an advertisement inside the school”? And I said, ‘in the canteen’. She’s not convinced on my answer because I cannot go further to explain my response. My favorite subject that time was Kabihasnang Asyano or Asian Civilizations; I don’t know what makes me interested on Asian’s civilization maybe because of the traditions and colorful way of lives during the Empires in Middle East and Dynasty in China, I can assure you that if tablets and Google are available that time, I’ll make it sure that I’ll be on the top of the class just like some of my friend. They know who they are but it didn’t happen.

Of course, my interest in high school didn’t last that long, the rotten relationship of mother with my father are starting to explode and that’s predictable. I know it will happen soon but not this early. My father and I are not in good terms if you remember, he has this thinking that I’m not his son and every time he sees me, he’s get mad at me. One day, we had this lunch with my other cousins and while we’re eating; my father discuss about the card that I sent to my mom, a mother’s day card. He said I just wasted her time (mother) waiting for that card just for the card. For him that’s nothing, he never cares about the thought, generosity and my caring for my mother who happened to be his wife also. My mother contradict his statement (father) that he should appreciate the card at least he (I) remembered the special day and there you goes. My father started the quarrel with my mother in front of my cousin and since my father was drunk that day nobody can stop him on hitting and shouting my helpless mother. I saw my mother sitting in the corner and crying and it’s all because of me. Well, that’s not the only time I witnessed my mother’s crying. Way back on my elementary days, it was a cold and silent night of November or December my father wake up my mother and starts yelling her about the meal left in the clay pot casserole. He’s shaking my mother’s body while banging the clay pot to my mom’s face, my younger brother and I was so terrified that night we don’t know what to do and when I try to stop my father he hit me with his hand, he slapped me on my face, literally, I saw some stars (no kidding) and then our neighbor went to our house knocking out loud in our door just to get some attention and they will try to stop him from hitting us. My father is a monster during his early 30’s and I really don’t understand him, all I know I hated him so much. I can’t swallow his presence every time he’s in the house especially at night. He’s like a bogeyman to me although I don’t see him regularly in the morning; but at night, his smell makes me weak and tense because I’m scared and once he step his foot inside the house I know something bad will happen.


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