Life of Tupe – Part I

My story is not like the story of Pi or Life of Pi, I don’t have any adventurous life just like him; my classmates didn’t have any problem pronouncing my name in school even at home. They don’t make fun on my name expect for my nickname “tupe”. Tupe is a short name for Christopher but instead of calling me Topher which is I likely most, they called me Tupe instead. I don’t know why and how they came up with that name, don’t ask me.

Nowadays, people are looking for a story that will make them inspire and go on with their lives despite of adversities. Sharing your personal story will be good example to moved people not because of your misfortune but they can relate to it. Being poor is not a miserable thing happened in our lives, others can create a wonderful and touching movies out of it which makes them rich or popular writer while others can make a cherished documentaries that affected our lives.

It begun when I was in grade school, I studied in a small school name Prinsesa Urduja; my life as a student was not that tranquil even in my early years. I have to wake up in the morning and go to my school all by myself. My parents are not like other parents who escorted their kids in school and wait until the end of their classes. On my own understanding, during those days I’m completely independent and nobody cares about me nor asking me how’s my standing in school or am I having a hard time coping with my subjects, my parents are not like that; they don’t mind asking that silly question. For them, their responsibility is to send me to school and that’s enough, you have to stand on your own. You cannot even ask my parents to help me in my assignments and as I educed what my mother told me that the reason why they send me in school is to learn and to educate myself. In fairness to my mother, she teaches me how to read and write. I’m very obstinate that time as I reminisced but I don’t have the will to snub my mother tireless way of teaching of basic step of education and she succeeded. After that the rest is history.

Fast forward, in my grade 5 days, I started to top on the class, guess what makes it trigger? I was nominated to be one of the class officers that time, if I’m not mistaken, I was voted and chose to be PRO in English, It inspired me a lot to study hard and show the real me that time from being outcast to be existing student in the class. Although the nomination was just a joke that time, you know grade school. My achievement continues during my last year in grade school, I was in the Top 5 student in our section that time, albeit I sensed that I was rubbed. Who cares by the way at least during the 1st grading to 4th grading I was in Top 3-4 and later on Top 5. The saddest part was not because my ranking goes down but my father doesn’t recognize my effort despite of luck of his support. As per him, he will only escort me on stage once I become Top 1 or 1st honor in the class but it didn’t happened. To be on the Top 1 that time, you should be supported with financial and influence of your supported parents in all school activities and projects but sad to say there’s none and that’s impossible to touch.

What bothered me that time, my father don’t have a confidence in my ability, he thinks that I’m nothing compares on his achievement when he was in grade school. He was a consistent top 1 in his class and always makes his father proud dissimilar on my situation. In short, I’m completely degradation on him plus the feeling that I’m not his son. Surprise!

They said high school days were the most memorable and happiest days in life, I guess they were right but not in the happiest thingy, mine was different. It was a stressful moment that time when I was in high school. It started when I was in my grade school my mother was ‘battered-wife, my siblings and I were visible how my father abuses my mother physically and emotionally. All nights was a sleepless night as I remembered, my father always hit my mother with his bare hand and shouting-out-loud that my mother’s having an “extra marital affairs”, frankly, my father’s creating a ghost on his own and easy to be affected on hearsay. In short, my father was an insecure man; he wants to create a perfect family with high praises from his friends and relatives but don’t know how to establish. In fairness, my father was a timid type of person but not when he’s drunk, he becomes Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde literally, really.

What can I do as child if I have a family like that? Nothing, I don’t have choice and I really don’t understand the situation. All I know I’m happy every time I’m in school and with my playmates.

I do not recall I have some personal conversation with my father or with my mother, they were so busy with their business, you know the adult business or hanap-buhay. I just had a conversation with them when I had my own family which is of course another story of mine.

I’m having a hard time asking my parents to buy me a book of Ibon Adarna in my first year in high school which is so very important requirement of my teacher in Pilipino. Unfortunately, they always ignored my request; it ends up no choice for me but stand outside of our classroom until the end of class for months. From there I realized that I can’t perform in class having a pathetic situation; from being a top class student in elementary days to completely outcast in school, as if I do not exist anymore. I always had that insecurities and it clouded me so much and I do not know what to do anymore and it really broke my heart and soul. As usual I finished my 1st year in high school with low grades, as in. Who cares by the way at least I still have 3 years to go in high school and it started that way on my first year in high school.


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6 Responses to Life of Tupe – Part I

  1. Marnie says:

    Where’s the part 2 pe? 🙂

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  4. oh! your story is rich & compelling!! there are a few english grammar/usage issues, but what is remarkable is that even with them, i loved reading it

    • Villanueva says:

      There’s always room for improvement, and one day I will review all my post and check all the grammars to correct it, maybe you can help me 🙂 Thanks Kimberly.



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