Have you experience writing in a Slam Book?


A slam book is a notebook which is passed among junior/senior high school students. The keeper of the book starts by posing a question (which may be on any subject) and the book is then passed round for each contributor to fill in their own answer to the question (wiki).

During the 90’s slam book are commonly way to know the personal information of your friend, best friend, classmates and sometimes your teachers. You need to answer the entire question in details, no need to be smart, just be yourself. Funny, I remembered some personal questions that I should answer and define such as define love, describe yourself, and question like who is your crush, what is your motto in life. And you have to be honest with your answer and no secret allowed as the owner instructed you and she mean it when she handed over her ‘Slam Book’ otherwise she will be mad at you. Quite ironic to answer such question like define love on it’s true meaning when you are just a teen-ager; who knows about love that time. IMHO, being attracted or having a relationship on your teenaged year does not define the true meaning of ‘LOVE’, it’s a mere companionship or a same music that you dance together. How about the define/describe yourself thingy? It was a silly and tough question I say; defining yourself and writing down on her slam book is definitely a no-no, why? Here’s the scenario, in case, you’re just being honest to goodness about yourself and pen it down the entire characteristic you had in your mind, she might think you are “mayabang or masyadong bilib sa sarili” right? So, instead of putting down all what you know that will describe yourself, you will simply write “Simple” end of question; unless, there’s a follow up question like ‘WHY’. Now, here’s the smartest question of all “what is your motto in life” and I said really? I’m still on the process of learning and you’re asking me my motto in life, your question is like an achievement test in English. To cut it short, I replied ‘TIME IS GOLD’ 😉

Sharing your complete personal information with your classmate’s SLAM BOOK were okay since you knew him/her personally and it was just a plain high school information thing that time; in short, no sense of danger at all. Nowadays slam book (FB) transformed into big things and asking more personal question on us like contact number, relationship, family, friend, likes, work place, and your recent location without knowing what’s that for, right? What I’m saying is just be careful on posting your personal information to avoid using it on their advantage and who knows somebody spying at you, why? Identity Theft is happening nowadays.

Just be careful my friend. God Bless


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19 Responses to Have you experience writing in a Slam Book?

  1. i remember this very well 🙂

    • Villanueva says:

      it’s funny right, all the pressured to write down all your private information without knowing she can use it to blackmail you, lol. thanks for dropping by.

  2. violetannie63 says:

    We did a similar kind of thing back in the 80s in high school. It was just a bit of fun, nothing horrible in it although sometimes people would take it as a way to say nasty things about other girls. Mostly we just poured our hearts out about whatever actor/singer we were in love with ha ha 🙂

    • Villanueva says:

      Hehehe that’s true and I enjoyed it really especially all the secrets from my classmates slambook I secretly read it first before I answered it all. Thanks for dropping by 😀

  3. Imelda says:

    Naku, I remember those days. We had those things in grade three. Sayang, tinapon ko notebooks ko. 🙂

  4. ah, yes, slam books. you got suspended immediately if they caught you with one. i never wanted to see my page; luckily i was usually not even “popular” enough to rate a page for myself! what ever happened to the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. a great rule, and everyone has forgotten it. the answer isn’t more privacy; perhaps it’s less. if you put all your cards on the table, no one can cheat.

  5. vsvevg says:

    I had never heard of a slam book, very interesting.

    • Really? In the Philippines during my time when I was still in grade school and high school most of my classmate specially girls had it, they usually gave it to those person who are closer to them and wanted to know a little bit of their information 🙂 Its fun and informative.

      • vsvevg says:

        No, and its hard to imagine having done this in school, Midwesterners are private people. I like the idea thought, I think it must be good for young people.

      • Yes it was really good back then but now it’s already a past/history; children in this time mostly in our country don’t have a time to this, they have a ways of knowing someone whom they wanted to know; FB. Thanks vsvevg and keep well.

  6. I have never done it. interesting. Happy 2015!

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