SWS Survey : Majority of poor Filipinos satisfied with their lives

Really? This is one of the stupid survey I read this morning in GMA’s Portal. With this kind of survey we had in our country that Majority of poor Filipinos satisfied with their lives; I would like to ask them personally like this “ are you in drugs?”

Most of those poor Filipinos on the survey are so delusional, the fact that they don’t have food on their plate, no electricity on their houses, and no money on their pockets; they will never be okay, okay! Are they satisfied not sending their children in school nor satisfied having two (2) meals or less in a day or nothing at all, so pathetic and sickening people. What others don’t see these poor Filipinos are menace to our society (not all). Am I being harsh to them? Yes, they are menace to the society; some of them became a thief, murderer and drug pusher/addict and since they cannot have a slice of pie in our government they chose the other way; the easy way to earn money just to feed their dying family. We are aware of their ways on stealing electricity in our neighborhood using ‘Jamper or Jumper’ and by their ‘illegal water connections’ in our own expense. Is that fair to those who paid their utilities religiously? Poor Filipinos are bunch of ‘Juan Tamad’ they have their time playing tong-hits, bingo, jueteng and talking a non-sense issue that doesn’t matter or affect their lives like showbiz tsismis and their neighbor’s kind of life. But they don’t have time to look a better way to support the needs of their family. We all had a time to change our lives to be good at least; we all knew that. Watching too much telenovelas’ will not let us grow or mature to face the real issue in our society that really matters to us. If most of the poor Filipinos will ignore the incompetent of our leader we will continue to be delusional and pretending to be okay when it’s not.

Our leaders down to ‘Barangays’ should provide a livelihood project to help their communities to earn money to support their families not to be ‘Tanod or Guard’. They should serving us by sharing their knowledge and skills to make us more productive in life. We must tell them what our community need not to hear their crap promises. Common guys and gals were talented nation we must use our skills/talent to make our lives better not worst. It’s good to be optimistic in midst of struggle in our life but what’s not good of being optimistic is that you’re not doing anything at all.

The world was not meant to be a prison in which man awaits his execution and in a crisis, be aware of the danger — but recognize the opportunity. (from John F. Kennedy)


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