What are five (5) important issues Filipino should not oversight?

Aristotle stated that “we cannot be fully be human and be a good citizen without participating in politics to create civic virtue which is utterly necessary to be a virtuous person and correspondingly a responsible citizen”

Since the internet and wireless mobiles became popular in year 2008 up to now, reaching our relatives, friends, classmates, and family who’s working/living abroad is no longer difficult. Even news around the world are being feed-up to us every day and it’s impossible not to know these [news] unless we don’t want to be aware. Media is powerful nowadays; they can dictate what kind of news and information’s people should now. In short, Media know how to manipulate or influence (hypnotize) their viewers, Media can twist the story and make things right even it’s wrong. Thanks God, we all had internet and its [Internet] windows and doors are widely open anytime [24/7]. Information is no longer limited searching our history or old news is as easy as ABC’s just ask ‘Google’ he knows it.

In relation to my question, Filipino should not oversight the important issues plaguing our country today which affects all of us. Let me begin with:

1.    Mindanao Brownout = Early 2010 present administration are fully aware of this scenario but incompetent to provide solution to our brother/sister in Mindanao. They are so busy filing cases on the previous administration which they called it achievement in their first year of term.

2.    Potential Fraud Election = IT specialist questioning the authenticity of PCOS machine which will be used in May 2013 election despite of some flaws on the machine. COMELEC are willing to take the risk no matter what happened, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”.

3.    Sabah Crisis = Government are not concern about the treatments of Malaysians’ to some of our Kababayans in Sabah, they continue slaughtering our people without due process of law in spite of ceasefire declaration from Kiram’s family and UN as well. But instead, present administration commemorated the ‘Jabidah Massacre’ in Corregidor which until now the said massacre are treated as Urban Legend ( nice diversionary tactic)

4.    Credibility of our Chief Justice = How many times Maria Lourdes ‘CJ’ Cereno failed on her oath to protect our constitution. Is she will facing an impeachment complain due of her unconstitutional behavior in deciding some issues alone which supposed to be a collegial decision as a collegial body?

5.    Typhoon Season = Are we ready? do the DSWD, DND, DPWH, DOH and LGU’s are ready to give assistance to our kababayan? We don’t want to be surprise and show the world our inability to be prepared in such calamity. Not again please.

Sharing of information online (facebook, blogs twitter etc) are very necessary today since most of us spent our time on our computer.



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